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Collection: Link Pyramids

Link pyramids are the effective link building strategy that involves building backlinks and then sending backlinks to those backlinks. The link pyramid system consists of the three different types of resource categories. These categories include many different resources. Links from third and second category serve as donors for the first category of links. In such a way resources from third category promote pages from second category. The resources from second category lead traffic to sites of the first category. And this is a top of the SEO backlinks pyramid. It promotes your web-page directly. If you are looking to get page one of google simply follow these easy steps  

1. Select the package that suites your budget 

2. Enter the website domain with http://

3. Select the country you wish to be seen in 

4. Select the search engine you wish to be seen in

5. Select the Keywords/Phrases 

6. Wait for your backlinks to be built and picked up your chosen search engine. ( SEO Campaigns can take up-to 12 Months) for more information please visit our FAQ

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