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White hat SEO vs black hat SEO: What are the differences

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a technique used by many successful websites to increase their ranking in the SERPs (search engine response pages) and drive more traffic to their page. Generally speaking, the stronger your website's SEO is, the higher it will rank and the more visitors it will receive. There are a variety of ways in which a website can be developed for good SEO but one technique in particular, that never seems to fail, is backlink building. There are two methods of link building that are used for SEO practices: white hat link building and black hat link building. This article will guide you through what link building involves and the differences between white hat and black hat SEO backlinks.

<h2>What are SEO backlinks?</h2>

Backlinking is an SEO technique whereby website links are incorporated into a piece of content that leads the reader to another site. Backlink creators work with businesses to get their website links onto other web pages to give their own site more exposure and drive traffic. For example, a camping equipment company may hire a backlink builder to write an article about travel, including a link to their website, and then have this article published onto another relevant site. By having your own webpage links amongst other websites, you can expand your reach and tap into other businesses audiences.

Backlinks can also work to improve the authority of your website, which will encourage higher rankings in Google and other search engines. Great quality SEO backlinks, to high authority/well-ranking sites, add value to your content and make your website stronger.

<h2>White hat vs black hat SEO backlinks</h2>

Backlinking building is an excellent way to increase your website's SERP ranking, however, the technique will only be successful if you use the correct backlink building technique. White hat link building and black hat link building follow a similar concept, however, white hat link building is preferred in the SERPs. In fact, many black hat SEO websites will be completely disregarded by Google as this strategy is seen as exploitative and low-quality.

<h2>What is black hat link building?</h2>

Black hat link building techniques follow the same basic principles as white hat link building- it involves placing your website links onto other pages to drive traffic to your site. However, black hat methods use loopholes to exploit other websites and add no value to website content. <a href="">Black hat techniques</a> will simply spam websites with comments to third-party sites, even if they have no relevance to the web content.

Black hat linking building is used because it is a quick and easy way to drive website traffic, however, many search engines are now aware of the technique and use algorithms to penalise any kind of black hat link building activity. This is done to stop spam and ensure that all high-ranking content provides value to the reader.

<h2>What is white hat link building?</h2>

<a href=",relevant%20content%20on%20the%20Web.">White hat link building</a> is a technique that is used to create great quality SEO backlinks that add value to the content and improve user experience. White hat link building involves building relevant links, such as linking to other helpful articles on the web, that add to websites and give more information to visitors.

White hat link building techniques are favoured by the SERPs and will usually help to increase website SEO. In a bid to prevent black hat SEO techniques from exploiting search engines, Google created a set of guidelines that define what will be accepted as white hat link building by their search engines. Anything that meets these requirements is considered white hat and will improve the ranking of a website.

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