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The benefits of having a monthly SEO package

The vital need for an SEO strategy is greatly enhanced if your location is a key element of your marketing. If your business relies on customers finding you, here’s a statistic you can’t afford to ignore. Searches that include “near me today/tonight" grew by a phenomenal <a href="">900%</a> over a two year period!

Clearly, web pages need to be relevant, powerful and ‘searchable’, and you must engage in off-page SEO to build and hold a competitive edge, whether you have an online store, blog page or service website.

So, why do that with the support of an SEO package?

<b>Consistency matters</b>

The main benefit of choosing from SEO packages is that the right one will provide you with a series of regular, strategic activities.

Google is constantly fine-tuning its algorithms. This means that the way it ranks pages becomes a moving target. You can't just ‘do SEO’ when building websites and then consider it sorted! Successful SEO is a long term strategy to keep your products and services appearing high enough in results.

<b>Keeps your content fresh</b>

Another advantage of SEO packages is that they offer professional guidance on your website architecture, but also its all-important content!

Fresh, well written and informative content really matters to your SEO. If you’re still relying on regurgitated or reposted copy, or text stuffed with random keywords, you could actually be damaging your page rankings.

<b>Links still matter</b>

Content is crucial, but link building still matters too. As with content, the emphasis has to be on quality, not quantity.

Relevant and respected links are harder to come by but are a key component of the way Google ranks websites. Getting a steady supply of these is undoubtedly one of the main benefits of having a monthly SEO package.

<b>It builds organic impact</b>

Consumers and business decision-makers often consciously avoid clicking on ads. In fact, some studies suggest that as many 70-80% of internet users ignore paid-for listings!

Using insightful SEO packages that emphasise organic activities can clearly replace or support things like PPC in a highly effective way.

<b>They evaluate website performance</b>

Having a professional SEO package to support you also means your website performance can be properly managed. For example, is it responsive to different devices and browsers?

If your website is not performing well on small screens, all the SEO packages in the world can't help you, as you’re cutting off a very big part of your target market! Choosing from expert SEO packages will provide you with vital insights, improvements and lead building information.

<b>The best SEO packages build sales</b>

If you need more proof that SEO is still the beating heart of digital marketing, log on to the website that shows the number of <a href="">internet searches today</a>. This is generally displaying a rate of 40,000 searches per second.

Grabbing your share of this requires a consistent and structured SEO campaign. What that campaign looks like depends on the type and size of your organisation, the level of competition you face and the sort of things your customers search for. That in turn requires a dedicated SEO package that matches your business goals.

Check out our monthly <a href="">SEO packages</a> today to see how we can boost your website performance.